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Mooo… The Restaurant

24 Oct

For Stud Muffin’s birthday last night, we dined with the cows at Mooo. Just kidding, there were no cows, well except for those that were on the customer’s plates. Even though I’m not a consumer of the cow, Stud Muffin is and I wanted to treat him to a scrumptious dinner. Mooo is located in Beacon Hill near the State House.

We had an earlier reservation, so it wasn’t too crowded when we got there, but by the time we left, the place was full. We sat towards the back at a table for two, with chairs that were a little Alice in Wonderland-esque, and I loved them.

I started off with a cocktail that was cidery and cinnomany and delicious and SM had a Booker’s on the rocks. I really wanted to order the $14,000 bottle of champagne that was on the menu, but SM wouldn’t let me. We thought about ordering an appetizer, but opted out, but they sounded delicious. Thank goodness we didn’t because we were brought rolls that were served in a mini cast-iron skillet with sea salt on top and butter. SO GOOD. For my entree I had the scallops on a sweet potato mashed puree with mushrooms. I was a proud member of the clean-plate club. SM had a 18 oz Rib-eye with the Mooo sauce, but he said his steak was so good that he didn’t even need the sauce. We also had to order some veggies (to feel healthy) and I HAD to have the crispy tots… can I just say one word, UNBELIEVABLE! It was basically fried bacon mashed potatoes. I can’t even start to explain how amazing those things were. I am 100% certain that we will go back at some point just for those tots! I LOVE TOTS.

Here’s the birthday boy¬†with his entree… he’s very happy and excited to dig in!


We were so full that we couldn’t even stomach dessert, however for his birthday our waiter brought over a ‘Happy Birthday’ in chocolate on a plate with two chocolate covered marshmallows with a candle for SM to blow out. It was very nice of them.

Overall, we had a great experience and we absolutely recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a good steak in Boston.

We give Mooo, 5 out of 5 Mooos!

Check out Mooo on Twitter, it’s some great food porn.


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