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Legal Oysteria in Charlestown: Review

21 Jul

After Olives made its grand departure from Charlestown, we were interested to see what would become of the space. It is a great location and a place like Olives was needed in the area. We were excited to hear that Legal Sea Foods was going to be opening up an oysteria in the space and would be serving Italian seafood. After months of renovation, Legal Oysteria officially opened on Wednesday, July 16, 2014.

wpid-20140717_180941.jpgStud Muffin and I decided to check it out on Friday night for dinner. We were warmly greeted by several hostesses and we put our name in for a table. There was about a 30 minute wait, which was fine as we wanted to get a drink. Instead of getting a buzzer to tell us when our table was ready, we gave them our cell phone number and they text us when it was ready. I haven’t seen that in Boston yet, but thought that was a cool feature.

For drinks, I got a class of Sauvignon Blanc and SM got a Jack’s Abbey beer. As we waited for our table and enjoyed our drinks, we also enjoyed some people watching. We noticed that there were almost as many employees in the restaurant as there were patrons. I know it is likely because it was only the third day of being open, but it was a bit overwhelming and it just made it seem a lot more crowded than it needed to be. The bar was packed with people grabbing a drink after work and every table was full. We sat down to dinner within 20 to 25 minutes of putting in our name.

The menu has some great options for seafood lovers and those not so keen. It is broken up into Apps, Small Plates, Salads and Soups, Entrees and Sides (entrees are served a la carte). We decided to try some of the small plates including the Salt Cod Crostini (delicious, though very salty), Chickpea & Shrimp Fritters (with a spicy, bacon aoili dipping sauce – this was my favorite) & Ricotta Fritters (these were little fried balls of ricotta cheese served with a spicy honey dipping sauce. It was sinful, we saved them for dessert they were so delicious). We also shared a Sopressata pizza, which was stracciatella, banana peppers, spicy red sauce.

All in all, we had a good experience. The server was cheery, knowledgeable and attentive. The atmosphere was good, still as loud as Olives was, but the fist-pumping music he used to play is no longer blaring. We are glad to see a new neighborhood restaurant and we’ll definitely be back. They have valet parking available, but there is typically plenty of two-hour parking spots available around the neighborhood.

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19 Mar

You poor, poor neglected blog. Cdog and I are sorry. We have completely abandoned you, but we have good excuses…

We’ve been traveling. I won’t name where because you wouldn’t feel bad for us…

Christen has a baby who is freaking adorable and I mean who would rather blog than play with their cute, little, cuddly monkey? However, Miss Monkey is starting to eat people food, so maybe should could write about her adventures with making baby food.

I am planning a wedding, so I haven’t been cooking the delicious things I used to because you know trying to get in wedding-day shape!

But, to hold you over until inspiration strikes again, here are some new restaurant openings that you may want to check out:

Wink & Nod – a speakeasy in the South End. It sounds fun. They are going to serve craft cocktails, and it is also home to Whisk, which is serving some good eats from Jeremy Kean and Philip Kruta. It opens tomorrow, 3/20 at 5 p.m. Find ’em on FB or Twitter.


Courtesy of Boston Nightlife Ventures

Merrill & Co – also in the South End, at One Appleton Street. comes from the good peeps at jmCurley. I haven’t been yet, but have seen a few pictures of the place and of the food and both look pretty great. Check them out on Facebook and the Tweets.

Lilian’s Smokin’ Rack Barbecue – Apparently this company is known for its rubs and sauces, but now they will be serving up racks o’ribs right on the Greenway, well out of a truck, but you know what I mean. It will be part of the 2014 Food Truck Schedule, which is supposed to launch April 1. (Found on Eater Boston)

Italian coming to Charlestown – Legal Sea Foods has been rumored to be bringing a different concept restaurant to Charlestown for a few months now. This Globe article says that it will in fact be bringing a cozy, Italian joint to the Chuck in the spring. Also according to the article it will be called, Legal Oysteria. Seriously, I can’t wait. How nice it will be to have something new, different and not run by a degenerate. Ok, that was mean, but um, have you read the news?

Olives is Back!

4 May

Soon after I moved to Charlestown, Todd English’s Olives suffered from a grease fire and was closed for more than a year. My sis and bro-in-law loved the place and were devastated when they heard it may not re-open. However, after several months of construction, Olives is back!

Thanks to Eater Boston for the image

We stopped by on Wednesday night to check it out and we were surprised and thrilled to find out that they were still in the “soft opening” phase, which meant free food. We only had to pay for the booze. And booze we did, I had a nice malbec and wish I paid attention to the brand because it was really good. Stud Muffin had Ommegang, which he discovered last year at the Life is Good Festival and anytime he sees it on the beer list, he gets it. On the topic of booze, the bar is huge and probably seats about 40, maybe more, people. My favorite part, they have gold fish aquariums built into the bar (don’t worry, they don’t serve sushi).

As for the food, there was no menu, the kitchen just made dishes and pushed them out to the tables. We received six dishes – ranging from flatbreads to appetizers to main courses and then dessert. They were sample sizes of menu items, and we only saw about a 1/4 of the menu. Below is a rundown of the dishes we tried:

Pizza flatbread – roma tomatoes, mozzarella cheese served on focaccia bread

Beef carpaccio served over mixed greens with chive aioli

Fried mussels

Filet mignon over truffle sweet potato fries

Fresh carrot risotto with goat cheese and peas

Truffle oil mac and cheese with peas

Mini cupcakes – chocolate with a salted-maple frosting and a vanilla cupcake with a chocolate mousse frosting

All of the dishes were pretty darn good and I can see why my sis and bro-in-law were so upset when Olives was closed. Mr. English himself was there in the kitchen working hard to make sure every dish was perfect.

We are very excited to see that Olives is back and that there is another great dining option in Charlestown. Since there was no menu, I can’t say what the regular prices will look like, but from the old menu, which I was told about 50 percent of it will be new, it looks to be in the $20-$30 range for entrees.

We are looking forward to going back and experiencing the full menu. Seeing as it is only about 200 yards from my house, I have a feeling it will be a pretty regular spot for us.

AND if you decide to go, I better get a phone call letting me know you are in the area.


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