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Time to Celebrate!

20 Aug

There are two very important reasons to celebrate this week! First and foremost, it is Cdog and Paul’s 6th Anniversary! And without that anniversary, we wouldn’t be celebrating Monkey’s 2nd birthday!


Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to the Gentile Family! We love you!

Here is a cake for Camille:

Camille loves hot dogs!

Camille loves hot dogs!


Happy Birthday Kteb!!!

28 Dec

Happiest of Happy Birthdays to my one and only blogging partner-in-crime Kteb!


You are one of my best friends and I wish you nothing but happiness in the year to come!


Love you Mucho!

My birthday at 62 Restaurant & Wine Bar

23 Nov

This post has been a long time coming. Truth be told, I was just lazy in writing it. Well that’s not entirely true. Following my birthday I had friends in town, it was Halloween and then I went to Italy. All excuses aside this blog is about the amazing food that I had to celebrate my birthday. For those of you keeping track my birthday is October 21. This year it fell on a Friday. To celebrate I gathered my closest friends and family for an amazing dinner at 62 Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Our dinner was AMAZING. And I can speak for all of my guests when I say that we were treated incredibly well, the food was unbelievable and I’m sure it won’t be the last event we have at 62.

But the fun doesn’t stop there with 62 Restaurant and Wine Bar. As a surprise for my birthday the Love Muffin orchestrated a cooking class for my parents and the two of us with Chef Tony. For those of you who haven’t eaten at this restaurant you will never understand my excitement. So the Monday following my birthday we headed back to 62 for our private cooking class. The restaurant is closed on Mondays so it was just us with Chef Tony. He brought us into the kitchen, with a quick stop at the bar for glasses of wine and we looked over our menu for the night. Each of us made a course. I made the appetizer (arancini), the Love Muffin made the pasta course (Ravioli al Osso Bucco), my dad made the main course (rotolo di manzo) and my mom made dessert (warm toffee pudding).

Rather than me talking about it I’m just going to show you photos from my birthday night and our cooking class. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can’t thank Chef Tony and his staff (most notably Jeremy, Eric and Jamie) for making my 30th birthday the best one yet!



we are a year old

13 Jul

and we missed our birthday. of course that would happen. we’ve been so busy blogging, drinking, traveling, eating, working away, that we didn’t even realize that the eats/ktebcdogfoodblog (whichever you are keen to addressing this as) has been around for one whole year. our blog birthday was in june.

i have to say it’s been a crazy year, full of amazing food, good friends, fun events, and amazing memories and this.  thanks to all who support cdog and me. we obviously wouldn’t keep doing this if you weren’t around (actually, we probably would, but we still appreciate ya). thanks for hanging in there when we sometimes go silent, or through our incoherent ramblings on things we love and you know all that stuff.

happy birthday to us and thank you to you! cheers!

to celebrate, i present you with: http://www.cakewrecks.blogspot.com/

and some amazing cakes below:

that's a cake!

i mean seriously. give me now. please?

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