defs = definitions

the things we say on the reg, most don’t understand. so if you see any of these referenced in the blog, you’ll be in the know. you probably still won’t understand, but at least you’ll know what we are saying.

awesomesauce = kteb + cdog + the hilarity that is our lives

biatchee: v – friends, pals. if we call you biatchee, we like you fool

i die: if we really like something, we take the words of our dear friend rachel zoe. example, “how good was that piece of pizza. i die.” or “those shoes. i die.”

omg: expression- obvi (or obvious)

DR: n- a guy with a dumb faux-hawk. they work on some. don’t work on most. you think that doesn’t make sense, but you haven’ t met the people we have.

count snackula: noun- the office snack attack-er

YIP YIP: noun/verb – the office yipper (think the muppets)

our liquid personalities:

cdog: beer snob

christ-al... get it?

kteb: sweet tea

don't let the thug-mug fool ya. i'm all suga

theme songs that are to be re-made soon:

Baby Got Snacks – “We like snacks, and we cannot lie/All those other foods can say g’bye…”

Beer Snobby Snob – as in Snoop Doggy Dog…


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