Beertails! A tasty treat for all!

20 Aug

Do you like beer? Do you like cocktails? Well, then you’ll love Beertails. That’s right, that’s a thing now and these recipes sound pretty darn good. Labor Day is right around the corner (I hate that I just had to type that), and these might be some tasty treats for your end of summer bash!

Bohemia Limeaid


·         1 ½oz Herradura Silver

·         ¼  oz triple sec

·         1 oz fresh lime juice

·         ½  oz agave syrup

·         1 oz Bohemia


1.       Mix all ingredients together and stir without ice.

2.       Pour over ice and garnish with a lime wheel.

Spiked Hawaiian


·         1 oz Morita chili infused tequila (To Infuse  the Reposado tequila take a cup of Morita chilies add to a measuring jug, pour 1 liter of Reposado tequila over the  chilies and leave for 90 mins.

·         ½  oz celery juice (blend celery stems to create a pulp)

·         ¾  oz  pineapple juice


1.       Combine tequila, celery juice and pineapple in a cocktail shaker with cubed ice.

2.       Shake hard and strain into a high ball glass.

3.       Top with Indio beer and stir to combine. Garnish with a pineapple flag dipped in crushed red chilies.

 Mojito Tecate Light


·         6 Mint leaves

·         4 tbls. Sugar Syrup

·         2 tbls. Lemon Juice

·         2 tbls White Rum (optional)

·         12 oz. cold Tecate Light


1.       Crush the mint leaves and in a tall glass, add the sugar syrup; the lemon juice; the white rum and cold Tecate Light. Shake and enjoy!

Do you have a favorite beertail? Do share in the comments.


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