Review: Ribelle Brookline

17 Jul

I have heard about Ribelle for some time now, but just haven’t had an opportunity to get to Brookline, until now. Stud Muffin and I joined my sister (@amkline) and our bro-in-law for a night out. While driving around looking for a parking space, we were able to avoid all of the rain, and as we were eating dinner, were treated to a nice sunset.

Now onto the food. We started off with an amazing glass of pinot noir, but it was a glass of white wine, and it was amazing. I would go back just for a bottle of it. Stud Muffin had a cocktail, which I am pretty sure added a good amount of hair to his already hairified chest. We perused the menu and thought about doing the 5-course pasta tasting menu, but opted to just get a bunch of dishes and share them all.


We started off with Sicilian Semolina Bread with caponata and pinenuts; Sesame Buns with panelle, calabrian chili mayo and arugula;  Broccoli with fontina, onion and pistachio; and Quail with kohlrabi, maitake, squid ink breadcrumbs. My favorite starter was the Sesame bun and the semolina bread. The sesame bun was like a slider and had a fritter of sorts in the middle, but what made this dish was the chili mayo. I am a fan of aiolis and spiced up mayos… Fisher you can stop barfing now. The Semolina Bread was served with caponata, which was a vegetable, eggplant mixture and it was served with amazing garlic bread.


Our main meals were: Rigatoni with octopus, fennel, smoked tomato; Lamb Neck with green chili, favas, hazelnuts; and 2 dishes of Pappardelle with bolognese, kale, pork rinds. The boys took good care of the Lamb Neck and Rigatoni and my sister and I handled the Papparadelle, though we did share a bit. I was told the Lamb Neck was really delicious, cooked well and had really good flavors. Stud Muffin said the rigatoni was more smokey than any other flavor and was expecting it to be more seafood-y with the octopus. He still ate all of it, so it must have been good, but not sure he would get the same thing again. The Pappardelle was delicious. I wanted to eat the entire thing, but I couldn’t. The healthy portion of pasta was cooked perfectly and the bolognese was to die for. I have had this type of dish at 62 in Salem and I have always said it is the best around, but this one at Ribelle may rival it. I would like to do a taste test.

For dessert, we tried the olive oil ice cream and the chocolate cake. I was intrigued by the olive oil ice cream, but only took a few bites. The olive oil was a little over powering. The chocolate cake was delicious.

The atmosphere was cool and hip. The menus were clipped to cut outs from wine boxes. There is also a long farm-style table in the middle where several parties sat together, with the bar on one side and then other tables on the periphery. All in all, it was a great experience and I would definitely recommend this to try out.

If you are interested in following them on social channels check them out @RibelleBKline on Twitter, @RibelleBKline on Instagram, Ribelle Facebook and G+. Beware: their posts will make you hungry. 


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