Guest Blog: Drink Up The Drambuie

4 Nov

By: Stud Muffin

Drambuie – a spirit that tastes as extraordinary as its name suggests.  Before I get too far ahead of myself, which happens when talking scotch, it is best that I introduce myself as it is my first appearance on the blog and most definitely not my last.

They call me FM (Funny Man) or Stud Muffin (thanks, Kteb). Now that we are officially introduced, I can begin to tell you a bit about Drambuie and why it should be a staple of any bar, home or otherwise.

Drambuie is a spirit made from scotch as a base and then a special mixture of heather honey, spices and herbs are added to give its characteristic taste.  Not surprisingly, it is this unique taste that born its name:  a local, upon first tasting it, commented in Gaelic “an dram buidheach”.  This was later shortened to “Drambuie” and thus the brand was born.

What was a Scotsman doing speaking Gaelic?  Well, I’ll have you know that the Irish and Scottish are closer than you may think.  In fact, it is believed that Scotland was first inhabited by Irish in the 4th century, and since then both developed a disdain towards the English.  But, I digress.

Let’s get to the point – there are people who don’t like the way scotch tastes and that’s fine.  I personally didn’t at first, but that was because I was young and couldn’t appreciate it.  But, Drambuie is a little different and because of this, is appealing to a wider audience.  It’s a little sweet, has a slight herbal notes and finishes clean on your palate.

Apparently Kteb didn’t realize this, but I was first introduced to Drambuie through a drink called the Rusty Nail a few years ago by my best friend’s father.  It was love at first sip (I mean, how manly is it, mix 2 scotches together and call it a cocktail) and have enjoyed them ever since.

Rusty Nail

Here is my one caveat when it comes to Drambuie:  It is fairly sweet, due to the honey, and is not something that I would personally drink straight-up.  However, because it is such versatile liquor, it should be a part of any bar.  Some examples:

  • Rusty Nail:  1 part Scotch and 1 part Drambuie.  I prefer a more Scotch to Drambuie ratio, but to each their own.  My personal favorite.
  • Wheelbarrow:  1 part Rum and 1 part Drambuie.  Same as the Rusty Nail, mix to your liking.
  • Rusty Cola: 1 part Drambuie, 3 parts cola.  Add a little lime juice and your good to go.  By the way, the acid in the cola and the lime juice complements the sweetness of the Drambuie perfectly.
  • Rusty Mule: 1 part Drambuie, 3 parts ginger beer, lime juice.  Delicious on a warm day.
  • Drambuie and Lime:  Muddle 4 lime wedges, add ice and pour in some Drambuie.  What’s does muddling mean?  Just a fancy word for crush.
  • Rusty Buck: 1 part Drambuie, 3 parts ginger ale, lime juice.

If it is cold and you want something to warm you up, Drambuie has you covered there too:

  • Rusty Apple Toddy:  1 part Drambuie, 3 parts hot apple juice or cider, lemon and you can add a cinnamon stick for garnish.  Or, add a dash of cinnamon on top.

Rusty Toddy

All this reference to “rusty” is making me think of National Lampoon’s vacation movies.  I bet Clark Griswold would drink Drambuie.  In fact, I’d like to think that’s how he named his son, Rusty.

Thanks to Drambuie (and Daddi Brand Communications) for providing me with this goodness to enjoy a few Rusty Nails, a Rusty Cola or two and I even tried the Rusty Buck.

For those on social media, check Drambuie out on Facebook and Twitter. Their website is awesome as well.

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