Winos rejoice! Drync is a new wine app for you!

14 Aug

I have heard about Drync a few times before from one of my PR friends – she loves it. Then I received an email from Drync’s PR person and I read it and was like oh yeah that may be something I’ll look into. To be fair, I haven’t downloaded the app because I have an Android, but I have to say that the whole idea of it is pretty damn cool, and when it comes to Android, I will be downloading it. I then got another email stating that the company just received $900k in funding to expand fulfillment and marketing and further develop the product. This made me say wow – they are doing some big things. What’s better? It is a Boston-based company! Love supporting the local start-ups!

So what is Drync? Drync is the first mobile app that allows you to find, track, share and purchase wine for home delivery, while you are drinking it. Some are referring to the app as “Shazam for wine”. Drync is now emerging from beta and has a network of fulfillment partners with over 30,000 wines available for sales to consumers in 41 states.

The free app, available today for iOS and coming soon for Android, offers:

  • Instant identification of over 1.7M wines
  • Highly accurate image recognition technology, that works on wine bottle labels, as well as wine labels in magazines, billboards and on computer screens
  • Text search capability to find wines by name
  • Secure, instant in-app checkout
  • Sharing wine activity with friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Detailed wine information, including collaborative ratings and wine descriptions
  • Personal wine ratings and tasting notes that can be shared publicly, or kept private
  • Ability to submit unmatched labels for human curation
  • Soon to come – personalized and social recommendations

You can follow Drync on Facebook and Twitter for updates and you can download drink on the App store.

For all you winos out there and I know we have a few followers that would consider themselves winos – download it and let us know how you like it!


One Response to “Winos rejoice! Drync is a new wine app for you!”

  1. Conrad (The Wine Wankers) August 14, 2013 at 7:39 pm #

    I saw this in action a couple of weeks ago and am very impressed. Gotta get me this app soon.

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