Bacon Playing Cards

22 Jul

Don’t fall off your chairs. This is actually happening. You are not going crazy, and you are actually reading a blog post on The Eats.

What do I love? If you said bacon, you’d be correct. Well, the other day my blogging buddy sent along this wonderful information that I HAD to share with you all, hence the post.

What is it, you ask? Bacon-themed deck of playing cards + “Bakin’ with Bacon” card game created by Baconery and Vända Playing Cards.

Here is a description from their Kickstarter site. Everything about this makes me happy, so like I said, I had to share. I may even be picking myself up some of these amazin’ cards if they are still available.  Do me a solid and just go check out how awesome this is!

We have created 2 decks of cards that we would like to get printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPC):

Deck 1 — Bacon Playing Cards (a completely custom designed deck of standard playing cards).

Deck 2 — “Bakin’ with Bacon” game (a unique card game where the goal is to collect the necessary ingredients to complete your recipes before your opponents complete theirs). Please check out the video below for details on how the game is played.

We also have some exciting extra items that were designed specifically for this project and complement the decks of cards (see below).

This is a standard deck of playing cards (52 cards + 2 jokers + 2 extra cards) and can be used for playing any standard cards games (poker, bridge, gin, go fish, solitaire, etc…). Every card is completely custom designed to fit the bacon theme with a fun and clean design style.

This is a limited edition deck – only 2500 1st Edition decks of Bacon Playing Cards will be printed. The decks will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company(makers of Bicycle and Bee brand cards) on Bicycle card stock with Magic finish. These are the highest quality playing cards available in the world!

Back Design
Back Design
The Four Aces
The Four Aces
King and Queen of Hearts
King and Queen of Hearts


The Basics

Bakin’ with Bacon is a card game for 2-4 players consisting of 2 decks of cards: The Bakin’ with Bacon game deck and Bacon Playing Cards (a standard deck). The game deck includes recipe cards, action cards, wild cards, and instruction cards.

Each recipe is made up of 4 ingredients, represented by specific cards from the standard deck. The goal is to collect all four ingredients to complete a recipe and then to complete all 3 recipes. The first person to complete all 3 recipes wins the game.

Bacon Recipe Cards
Bacon Recipe Cards


Each player begins with 7 cards held in his/her hand and 3 unique recipe cards face up on the table. Players take turns in a clockwise direction. At the beginning of a turn, a player draws one card from the deck. The player ends a turn in one of three ways: applying 4 ingredients to complete a recipe, playing an action card, or discarding an unwanted card into the discard pile.

When a recipe is completed, that recipe and the 4 cards used to complete the recipe are no longer in play, unless reactivated with an action card that specifically affects cards that are out of play.

At any point during the game, if a player draws the last remaining card from the deck, at the end of that player’s turn, the discard pile is shuffled and then becomes the deck to draw from.

The game ends when one player completes all three of his/her recipes and is declared the winner.

Wild Cards (5th "Stars" Suit)
Wild Cards (5th “Stars” Suit)
Action Cards
Action Cards

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