25 Sep

every year around this time when pumpkin spice lattes make their way back to the starbucks menu board, i like to remind everyone why i hate pumpkin, so here you go…

The Eats

i hate pumpkin. anything pumpkin, i hate. pumpkin bread. pumpkin spice lattes. pumpkin cookies. pumpkin seeds. pumpkin beer.

but, before you stab me in the eye for being anti-anything-that-is-fall, let me explain myself. once upon a time not long ago, when people wore pajamas and lived life slow (slick rick – respect.)… i attended a youth group event during the fall season. remember, it was high school and i was at the age where i would do anything to impress the older boys. you know, the ones i’m talking about. so there i am sitting in the audience when they pick three people to come up and partake in the friendly competition that is a pumpkin pie eating contest. at this point in my life, i had no beef with pumpkin pie or pumpkins in general… until now.

i proudly made my way to the stage to take my spot…

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