Fork it! With MyReci

26 Jun

Today through the magic of Twitter (yes, I’m still obsessed) I got a tip from a good friend about this new community for people who like food and like to cook food. It is called MyReci. When I first clicked on the link from Twitter I wasn’t sure what I would find. To my surprise and delight it was a new site that functions similarly to Pinterest except this one is JUST for recipes! And you don’t have to be invited – sorry Pinterest but you’re not that exclusive anymore.

Let’s say you’re browsing the web and you come across a recipe you want to keep, rather than emailing yourself the link now you an use MyReci’s cute ‘Fork It’ pin to pin the recipe to your online cookbook. Your recipes are then shared across the network, giving you an opportunity to search other recipes. Given that Kteb and I are obsessed with all things social media and all things new (don’t hate), we were immediately taken with MyReci. I did some more research and discovered the philosophy of the site:

“Cook Better, Together: We’re a group of cooks passionate about building a strong, online community for all of us to become more active, more inspired, and ultimately better cooks. “

This philosophy is something I can definitely get behind. The best recipes are tried and true AND shared! So while you may be saying, Cdog, really, I don’t have time for another stupid social network. My response to you is, JOIN, you won’t be disappointed and we’ll all be better eaters for it.

It’s worth mentioning that there are others out there similar to this of course Pinterest (boring) and Punchfork – but if you want this bloggers opinion, MyReci is where it’s at.

They also have a great blog which you can read here. You can find MyReci on Twitter here, the CEO Vijay here, and their fab community manager here. Do yourself a favor and look me up on MyReci and let’s get sharing!



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