Keep Cool with Boozy Ice Cream!

21 Jun

So it’s freaking hot in Beantown right now. I am from S.C. and this feels like home to me, but others may not be loving it as much as me. So why not try these awesome boozy ice cream recipes to stay cool?

These recipes are perfect for a fun party treat or special occasion dessert and with a shot of booze in each cup, how could you go wrong? [part description from amazon…]

So who’s ready for an Ice Cream Happy Hour? The recipe book from Valerie Lum and Jenise Addison include some of the following:

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to try out the recipes from the awesome recipe book that we were sent. However, I think I may need to pull it out and try a recipe this weekend! I can attest that the recipe book provides detailed step-by-step instructions and beautiful photos. Even though I haven’t been able to make some boozy ice cream, I wanted to share in case you all were looking for a way to stay cool this week. Another option – stick your head in the freezer.

Stay cool kids.

Sweating in Boston,


Also check out their Facebook page here.


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