Happy 145th Birthday Leinenkugel’s!

7 May

Being from Wisconsin I take great pride in the amazing beer culture that has surrounded me since I was a little girl. Miller, Pabst, Point Brewery – but a name that you may not automatically think of (if you’re not from Wisconsin) is Leinenkugel’s or Leinie’s (as those of us in the know say).

Jacob Leinenkugel established his brewery in Chippewa Falls, WI in May of 1867 and five generations later his family still continues to brew keeping true to the history and heritage established by their great-great grandfather more than 145 years ago.

Living in Massachusetts you may say, Cdog, of course we get Leinie’s beer here. Yes, that’s true, you can find Summer Shandy and Sunset Wheat in many bars and packies across the state. But I have to say, those are not my favorite Leinie’s offerings (sorry guys but you make WAY better – get it to Massachusetts please!). If you are ever in a bar or liquor store and you see Leinie’s Red (Red Lager) or Honey Weiss do yourself a favor and buy them.

Leinie’s Red

Leinenkugels Honey Weiss

Leinie’s Red is a great beer, great color and a rich malty flavor without being overly sweet. Honey Weiss is a wheat beer made with real Wisconsin honey. It’s the perfect pre-dinner drink or perfect sipping while sunning yourself on the beach. Think Sam Summer, but WAY better.

A Birthday Celebration Like No Other:

This summer, the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company will be hitting the road, bringing Leinie’s to the people in the first ever Leinenkugel’s Family Road trip. Throughout the Road Trip, Leinenkugel’s will be making more than 20 stops around the country to meet fans, sample some great Leinie’s beer and celebrate their 145th birthday.

Fifth generation brewers and brothers Jake, John, and Dick Leinenkugel will join the tour to greet fans and talk beer. The road trip will also feature samples from their year-round offerings Sunset Wheat, Honey Weiss, Berry Weiss, Leinie’s Red, Creamy Dark, and Classic Amber Lager, in addition to seasonal favorite Summer Shandy and their new limited release Big Eddy Wee Harvey Scotch Ale.

Check in here to see where Leinie’s is in their Summer Family Road Trip!

Happy Birthday Leinie’s!

Above, Jake Leinenkugel, president, Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. and C.J. Leinenkugel, 6th generation brewer, with a 145th anniversary cake from TLC’s The Cake Boss on a Leinenkugel’s Family Road Trip stop in Hoboken, N.J. on Thursday, April 19.

Happy 145th Birthday Leinie’s! The Eats loves you and we look forward to seeing you out East this Summer!



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