Oh Easter Candy, How I Love Thee

6 Apr

Easter is here! Finally! That means a lot of things to a lot of people (springtime, sunshine, long church services), but let’s be real, for many Easter means CANDY! Delicious, delicious candy. And in my estimation we have this little guy to thank:

Yes, the great, all powerful, all knowing, Cadbury Bunny. Below I have listed, in no particular order my most favoritest Easter candy and why they are awesome. Leave a comment with your favorite candy or why you think I might be wrong (just kidding, I’m never wrong).

Cadbury Cream Eggs

I read recently that there are actually people who don’t like Cadbury Cream Eggs. Who are you and what are you thinking? These are by far one of the best Easter treats ever created. I love everything from the pre-decorated egg chocolate coating, to the pretend yolk cream center. It’s good that they sell these individually, otherwise I’d have to eat the whole package (and fight the Love Muffin off in the process).

To. Die. For.

Peanut Butter Cup Eggs

I think most of you know the love that Kteb and I share for PB Cups. During the Easter season, it is no different and perhaps even better as Peanut Butter Cup
Eggs are bigger than a normal PB Cup. Mmmmm, I could go for one right now! I think we can all send Reese’s a big THANK YOU!

PBCup Eggs...need I say more?


Oh Peeps! I think that the Peeps company is sort of ruining these formerly Easter-only marshmallow treats. I prefer the chicks to the bunnies and like to eat them tail first. What? Don’t pretend you don’t have an order in eating these things!


Butterfinger Eggs

I love these little beauties because unlike regular Butterfingers these do not get stuck in your teeth! They are also the perfect combo of chocolate to crispety-crunchy center! Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger eggs!

Butterfinger Eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Can we start a slow clap here people? Cadbury Mini Eggs deserve a round of applause. I do not know what Cadbury does to these little candy-coated, chocolate eggs, but it is like they are laced with crack. Once you open the bag you just can’t stop eating them!

Mini-Eggs! Oh Cadbury, you had me at hello!

Crunch Eggs

Nestle Crunch bars were one of my most favorite candy bars as a kid. Although, I think my brother takes the cake with his love for Crunch. Again, these eggs just bring the right amount of crunch, chocolate and rice cereal. Love em!


And there you have it my friends! Now you may be wondering why there are no jelly beans on this list. Here is why, I can’t stand them. I hate candy that sticks in your teeth (with the exceptions of Starbursts and licorice). I also got jelly beans one year in my basket and it just so happened to be the year that I got a cavity. I’m blaming the jelly beans. Thanks but no thanks, I’ll stick with chocolate.

With all of this said, both Kteb and I wish you a very Happy Easter! May the bunny bring you all the candy your heart desires!



2 Responses to “Oh Easter Candy, How I Love Thee”

  1. kleeyaro April 6, 2012 at 3:29 pm #

    I’m not a big fan of Peeps, even though they are incredibly cute! But love all your chocolate treats. Can’t get enough Reese’s PB eggs. Have you tried the White Chocolate ones? I bought them by mistake yesterday, but they’re pretty good. Even though I’m not a white chocolate fan.

  2. power crunch bars April 21, 2012 at 6:42 am #

    I bought them by mistake yesterday, but they’re pretty good. Even though I’m not a white chocolate fan.

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