Beehive Boston is the Bee’s Knees

25 Feb

Dear Cupid, I hate Valentine’s Day. Ok, I don’t hate it, but I don’t believe there should be one day dedicated to telling someone you love them – that should be every day (enter corny cries here, but I’m serious).  It’s a great opportunity for Hallmark, restaurants and stores to make some extra cash in between birthdays and holidays in December. I get it. It bothers me, but I will say in that same breath, that if Valentine’s Day wasn’t acknowledged, I would not be so happy.

So to acknowledge “it”, we decided to head to Beehive in South End in Boston for dinner. Beehive touts itself as a “wildly popular Bohemian eatery and bar,” and it’s “eclectic, funky, yet elegant.” Stud Muffin had never been, and I had been there for drinks once and for brunch (which is delicious) and I was looking forward to trying dinner!

Photo from Beehive Boston's Facebook page

When we arrived, our table was waiting, albeit a little close to the other tables. I like to people watch, so I was a little distracted by the others around us. However, it was a nice location because we sat close enough to the stage where we could hear the great, live jazz music, but we weren’t having to yell at each other to talk. Enough about that, just know that the atmosphere is fun and it’s a cool restaurant/bar. Now on to the food… Just to preface this, we didn’t hold back on the food and both ordered off the special items on the Valentine’s Day Menu

Stud Muffin had the Beehive Honey Brew to drink and I had a cocktail that had St. Germaine in it, and it was good.

For an appetizer, we started off with Moroccan Cigars – lamb filled phylo dough with a cranberry chutney – FANTABULOUS

I had the Pan Seared Halibut with Herbed Couscous in a Lemon Escarole Broth with Carrot Frites – it was cooked perfectly and the Israeli couscous complemented it to perfection. I was a little leery of the carrot frites, but they were damn good.

Stud Muffin had the Filet Mignon with Artichoke and Black Truffle Crumbs, Potato Gnocchi in a Red Wine Sauce. He was part of the clean plate club – enough said.

It was V-day, so we decided that yes, dessert was indeed necessary (I told you we didn’t hold back). We indulged in a hazelnut bread pudding, which was absolutely to die for.

(So, Cdog and I are thinking we need a rating system for restaurant reviews. So if you have any ideas, please send them along or provide them in the comments below.) For the time being, I will give Beehive 4 beehives. We had a great dinner and the atmosphere is great. My only complaint was that the table was really close to the tables next to us.

Interested in seeing what the Beehive is offering soon? Cconnect with them on Facebook and/or on Twitter.

While I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day, it was definitely nice to share the day with someone so special. My gorgeous bouquet is sitting on the table, reminding me every day how much I am loved. I do like conversation hearts though… “Email me.”



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