#YouGottaTryBoston – Help bring Top Chef to Boston

9 Feb

You know that little show on Bravo called Top Chef? Yeah the one in its 9th season and the one that keeps me glued to the TV week after week waiting to see what awesome challenges and dishes they come up with… well, Digitas Boston, a integrated digital brand agency, has started a campaign to get the next season of Top Chef to be filmed in Boston! Yep, that’s right, good ole Beantown, The Hub…

How can you help spread the word and get Top Chef to come to Boston? Check out the YouGottaTryBoston Facebook page and tell them why Top Chef should come here. Check out the Twitter hashtag (#yougottatryboston) and add your thoughts to the conversation. Don’t forget to mention @BravoTopChef to really get their attention.

Print this off, take a picture of what you love about Boston and tweet it or post it to FB!

We truly have some great restaurants that should be shared with the world and if you agree, I hope you join in! Here are some of our reasons.

The list goes on and on, but I’ll stop here and let you add some of your favorites…

Why should Top Chef come to Boston?

Digitas posed a challenge, I say “Challenge Accepted!”


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