Terrible Tuesdays: I hate ketchup

17 Jan

Now, I’m going to say something that will most likely shock you…I hate ketchup. I hate it. Ick. Just the thought of it makes me cringe. All of you people who put ketchup on everything GROSS. Ketchup is nothing but sugary tomato paste, made to mask flavorless American meals one bite at a time. Anytime I’m out with people and we are eating something that goes with ketchup, say french fries, people are always so shocked to learn that I don’t like it.

Ketchup nastiness

This isn’t something new, I haven’t liked it ever since I was little. I distinctly remember when my family stopped at a Wendy’s to get lunch. As a kid (probably 7 or 8 years old) I ordered a hamburger. When I got it out of the wrapper it was drenched in ketchup, oozing out the sides, dripping all over everything and that was it. I was done with ketchup (not to mention Wendy’s square burgers, what?). For years, I refused to eat it, even when it came prepared on something. I’ve started to come around, but only when it is combined with mayo on a burger (sorry DennisF). You will NEVER see me put it on the following foods:

Eggs – Disgusting, really? Eggs should be combined with veggies and cheese.

Mac & cheese – Sick! I had friends who did this when I was little. Luckily I haven’t seen anyone do it recently.

Grilled Cheese – Seriously? Can you just stick with dipping it in your soup?

French Fries – Nasty – fries are perfect ON THEIR OWN. LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Hot Dogs/Brats – No! No! No! These sausages are made for MUSTARD! Don’t ruin them with your ketchup.

Steak – Don’t even get me started.

Tomatoes yay! Ketchup nay!

What a waste of a perfectly good fruit. Tomatoes deserve so much more than to be pulverized and have their flavor changed so significantly that it’s unrecognizable. Ketchup = GROSS. Agree or disagree? Am I the only one in this world who hates ketchup?



One Response to “Terrible Tuesdays: I hate ketchup”

  1. Dennis January 17, 2012 at 11:11 am #

    As a pioneer of the food hate movement, it makes me happy to see other people hating on foods. But I can’t get down with this. Grilled cheese+ketchup=awesome. Not on mac and cheese, but pizza, hell yes.

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