Happy New Year!

11 Jan

Holy crap, where did 2011 go? It seems like yesterday Cdog and I were in Moscow and I was still working at KLAB. Before I know it, I will be at SHIFT a year. When I was younger, time seemed to stand still. Now, it flies and I’m left in the dust wondering where it went. I know there is a reason for it, but sometimes reason is just blah.

I personally want to thank all of you for coming along on the ride with us. I know that Cdog would agree. We have had a blast writing about our culinary adventures, things we hate, more importantly things we love, people we love and everything and anything in between.

My blog highlights this year had to have been the most recent Q&A with Top Chef Season 7’s Tiffany Derry and my experience in the Atomic Wing Eating Contest. I’ve acquired the nickname Baconator at work. I have shared an amazing year with the Stud Muffin. We have had so much fun cooking together and trying to create new awesomeness. There are so many more highlights, but I don’t want to keep you here all day. But this little bloggy blog would never be what it is without the best blogging buddy (and friend) around. Cdog and I started this as a snack blog and it has turned into so much more and I couldn’t be more excited for 2012! Happy New Year. I hope this year brings you all love, luck, joy and happiness.

Holy Old School!


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