28 Dec

Hello everyone! Today is one of the best days of the year…no it’s not Christmas (that was 3 days ago), no it’s not 4th of July (hello, it’s cold outside) and no, it’s not YOUR birthday (well maybe it is) – it is KTEB’s Birthday! YAY!

I love birthdays, especially when they are for people that I really care about. The Love Muffin can attest, I talk about birthdays for other people, like they’re my own. And today’s birthday is super special because it’s not only for a friend and blogging cohort, but for someone that I admire and am so happy that they are part of my life.

She’s celebrating in South Carolina today, so let’s make her feel really special and send all of the good thoughts and wishes down to her!

Bacon chocolate cake

Here’s wishing you a bacon filled, Chick-fil-a eating, and pickle-less birthday!



One Response to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY KTEB!!”

  1. Cdogdad January 2, 2012 at 11:19 am #

    Happy belated birthday wishes from very cold Wisconsin
    Hope you had a great one and enjoyed many delicious
    foods you will be sharing with us

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