Brewers vs. Writers (Guest Post)

27 Oct

I need to say that I have been super delinquent in writing and publishing. BUT I am here to share with you a guest post written by non other than the Love Muffin! Yes you read that right! How exciting?!?!! His first post is actually something that was written for the Ipswich Ale Brewers Blog. You can find it along with other posts here. He’s planning to keep writing for it so check back regularly.


Without further ado…Brewers vs. Writers:

Hello fine consumers of Ipswich Ale!!!  Thank you so much for your support of our product and for reading this blog. As brewers, we do not normally get the opportunity to write.  Something about making beer keeps us from staring at a computer screen all day. With that said, as we try to adapt to an increasingly connected world (you know, that whole dot com thing) we are trying our hand at writing. The goal is to write a new blog every couple of weeks, so please check back regularly to see if our writing skills have improved to match our beer making skills. Topics might include new products, brewery stories, seasonal musings, and other beer related topics.

On that thread, we have started brewing a new series of beers here at the Ipswich Ale Brewery called 5 Mile.  The concept behind these beers is that at least one ingredient in the beer must come from within five miles of Ipswich. Water doesn’t count, unless of course we alter it with another ingredient. We plan to release the beers in 22oz bottles and at limited draft accounts. If you are lucky you might also have a bit of these beers out of a cask!

The first beer in the series we are calling “Stock Ale.” A majority of the malt came from barley grown at Czajkowski Farm in Hadley, MA and malted at Valley Malt. It is dry hopped with hops grown at the brewery hop fields. We are having a release party to celebrate the series and its inaugural beer. As of right now, we are also brewing that day, so the brew house will be up and running. Some of the brewers and employees will be on hand, so come on by, try the Stock Ale, and enjoy a free tour!

So, here it is, our first brewer’s blog. Hopefully, we can start a dialogue about beer because that is more fun than a one-sided conversation but not more fun than actually drinking beer.


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P.S. If you’re around Saturday definitely stop by the brewery for the 5 Mile Stock Ale release party. The Love Muffin will actually be brewing and I’ll be there sampling…I mean supporting the new beer line.


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