Fatman To Come Out Of Hiding

10 Sep

May 6.  That was my last post.  Chase’s birthday celebration “catered” by Pino’s.  I apologize.  But since then, a lot has happened in the Fatman household, namely the addition of Fatbaby number two (Wyatt).  Ever hear the one about the baby that was born on a street corner?  No?  You can read about it here.  If that doesn’t buy me some leniency from my absence, nothing will.

So here we are, over four months since my last post.  The summer has passed us by and the big question that clearly is on all of your minds, “Did Fatman have any pizza during his absence from the blog?”  Does a bear shit in the woods?  Is a frog’s asshole water-tight?  Is Mrs. Fatman bad-ass for delivering Fatbaby II on a street corner?  You betcha!

I’d be lying to you if I had anything great to report on, but you will see subsequent blog posts (reviews) that discuss my dining experiences at Bertucci’s in West Roxbury (take out and yes, sadly you read that right), Uno’s in Kenmore Square after the Yankees/Red Sox game with my brother (Tallman who is 6’7”), Sweet Tomatoes Pizza in Newton Centre and how I initially planned to eat at Bill’s Pizzeria, but walked in, took one look at the pizza and immediately walked out (and you know how I feel about pizza joints with names like that).  I did also did conduct a mini showdown between Pino’s and Presto’s (slackers don’t even have their own website) from Cleveland Circle.

Pino’s versus Presto’s Teaser:

The game plan was to get one regular slice and one Sicilian slice from each place to bring back to the Fatman house and really savor each bite and properly evaluate the offerings from each rivalry joint.  But as they say, the best laid plans…  Anyway, when I rolled into Presto’s, here is the conversation that ensued and how the plan went slightly astray:

Me: “Do you have any regular Sicilian slices left?”

Presto’s: “Regular? Do you mean cheese?”

Me: While rolling eyes, “Yes, cheese.”

Presto’s: “No, but we have some pesto slices.”

Me: Blank stare. “Okay, how about two regular slices, then.”

Presto’s: “Do you mean cheese?”

Me: “Seriously? Yes, cheese. To go.”

Presto’s: Once slices were heated, “Do you want those in a bag?”

Me: Blank stare. “However you do it with orders that are to go.”

They put them in a small box.

Clearly the folks from Presto’s, which was completely empty while Pino’s was packed, had no idea that Fatman was strolling in to conduct a review. I mean, c’mon, even those chicks from Mystic Pizza knew when the Fireside Gourmet strolled in.

I look forward to picking up where I left off and hopefully providing some New Yorker sanity to what is an insane Boston pizza scene.  As always, I am open to suggestions for places that you would like me to visit and review (and presumably think are good).  I will do my best to hit up some more joints in the near term and report back to you on them.  Oh, did I mention how bad-ass and freakin’ amazing Mrs. Fatman is?  In the words of DennisF…just sayin’.


Editor’s Note: Kteb & I could NOT be happier for Fatman, Mrs. Fatman and their adorable Fatbabies!!


2 Responses to “Fatman To Come Out Of Hiding”

  1. Anonymous September 10, 2011 at 12:27 pm #

    It’s true… we love FatBabies!


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