a little pizza heaven

16 Jul

a little blogging action on a saturday morning – why not?

last night we went to antico forno in the north end. i knew what i was going to order before we stepped a foot in the restaurant. the vesuvio pizza – fresh homemade mozzarella, roasted peppers, ricotta cheese, cherry tomatoes, finished with fresh sliced prosciutto. if your mouth is watering, i don’t blame you, it should be. the flavors mix so well together and it is just so delicious. they have a typical north end, italian menu and i’ve had the gnocchi there before. however, when i go there, i can’t help get this pizza. it is positively awesomesauce. so if you are looking for a little pizza heaven and are looking for a good italian restaurant in the north end, you should check out antico forno.

thanks to lisa d from foodspotting for capturing this pizza – dummy me didn’t take a picture.

a few other north end picks, in case your interested:

la galleria 33 – thanks to cdog and her love muffin for introducing us to this one. great seafood risotto.

trattoria il panino – stud muffin and i had our first date here. good pesto gnocchi.

rabias – good food and they also have an oyster bar.

have a great weekend everyone! enjoy the weather!

-kteb out


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