a philly 4th o’ july

11 Jul

i knew it was going to be a great trip to philly when michaelpg sent me an email with a list of ideas for activities – the majority of them involving food.

we started off the wonderful weekend with a wonderful brunch at honey’s sit n’eat in the northern liberties. not only do they have great, southern-style menus, their website has sections labeled, “who we is” and “where we is.” did i write that  copy? if i did and don’t know it, they can pay me in challah french toast and those homemade biscuits. anywho,  i thoroughly enjoyed embarrassing both stud muffin and michaelpg by taking pictures of their food.




















from there we meandered our way through the city, walking by the chocolate works – an apartment complex, yep that’s right. there are so many great little restaurants that have so much character. i feel like there is a lot of that missing in boston restaurants. there are some that i love and crave, but sometimes i feel there is a very corporate feel or aspiration for a lot of restaurants here.

enough about that. i bought a new pair of shoes, michaelpg bought a hat. we then made our way to the touristy areas of philly. we saw the bell (through the window). we took a pic with ben (franklin, that is), we dodged tourists and taxis. along our trek we found the greatest store called cookie confidential. four words: bacon.chocolate.chip.cookie. what else? cheesesteak cookie and oatmeal raisin bacon cookies and chocolate chip cookies and lots of awesome little cookie creations. we hung out with the owner and i talked bacon with her. i mean, it was only natural.















i was then mesmerized by all this art work by isaiah zagar. i seriously could not get enough. it’s not food, but it’s art and they are one  in the same to me.











and then we rocky’d…













and then we planked… but before we planked we went to a stephen starr restaurant (who apparently owns every restaurant in philadelphia) called el vez where we had a big ole bowl of guacamole. it was delicious. we also helped ourselves to some delicious margaritas.

planking on a plank






plank chair








we also went to the most hipster place on the face of the earth. if you are interested in a great hipster dance party, go here.

we had a great culinary venture through philly. we saw some fireworks from michaelpg’s amazing roofdeck. a very special thank you to michaelpg for being such a wonderful host and a special thanks to my stud muffin for being such a great travel buddy!

here are a few of my favorite pics from the weekend:

jail cell at eastern state penitentiary



























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  1. michaelpg (@michaelpg) November 23, 2011 at 9:49 pm #

    Only 4 months late but u is welcomes

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