Boston Bacon Takedown – ktebcdog vs. bacon

28 Jun

the day started like any other day. except this day wasn’t like any other day. this day, cdog and kteb would be attending what seemed like an event created just for them. what is this baconess we speak of? well, thanks to @the_bacon_party for inviting us to this most wonderful event and thanks to The Takedown and the genius mind of Matt Timms for thinking of such a wonderful idea. 20 amateur chefs from around boston prepared their best bacon dish, and we were asked to judge them, what!? (i’m not sure what made them think we were legit, other than the fact that we like love bacon.)

proof that we were part of the judging panel

we carefully but excitedly made our way down the tables filled with baconations (bacon + creations), our emotions and faces being watched intently by each chef as we tried each of their creations – their pride and joy.  we had everything from loaded baked potato soup to maple bacon munchkins to bacon brownies and beyond.  every chef brought their a-game and every attendee brought their e-game (eating game).

judges picks:

the judges pick of the day, the 1st place winner, was the maple bacon munchkin by zak & erica walstein. yes you read that right…maple bacon munchkin. (now if you’re not from new england and have never had a dunkin donuts munchkin we strongly encourage you try them.) this little nugget of awesomeness had the perfect amount of sweet and savory  all mixed into a light and fluffy little munchkin. it was like the best breakfast in one little bite!

the 2nd place winner was bacon confit and holy moly was this pork belly awesome. the chefs cooked it perfectly. and let’s be serious if you don’t like pork belly, there is something wrong with you.

3rd place went to the bacon aranchini with a garlic/olive oil aioli that was well crafted and pleased the taste buds. the kicker with this dish compared to some of the others was the fact that they were frying these little suckers in front of us! ours were steaming hot and made them that much better.

the people’s choice:

the people’s choice award went to the little bao wow… a traditional bao with pork. the simple, yet tasty dish was well executed and even the bread was made from scratch. matt o’shea won 2nd place with his bbq bacon jam – so freakin’ good! 3rd place was awarded to the bacon ginger creme brulee. people ate this stuff up!

little bao wow

kteb’s picks:

my  favorite dish of the day was definitely the bbq bacon jam by matt o’shea. he created the perfect jam (as far as i’m concered). there was just enough spiciness to please and just enough bacon flavor to delight. not to mention he made his own crackers that had bacon inside. what!?

cdog’s picks:

i’m gonna have to agree with kteb here the bbq bacon jam is something that i would literally spend my own hard earned money on. his bacon/cheddar crackers also hit the spot. i also really loved the arancini – but come on, i have a previous love affair with these little rice balls so it is hard for me to separate that affection. and that munchkin…damn, i could eat that every day for breakfast…just sayin.

what a treat (no pun intended) it was to be part of such a wonderful day full of bacon and happiness. i mean when bacon is involved, how could anyone be sad? there is also someone else we have to thank for this entire event – our good friends at Hormel for supplying all of these contestants with 15 pounds of their Black Label bacon – without that there would have been no competition at all!

check out the great gear we got!

aren't we presh?

until next time here are a few pics to hold you over…bacon forever!!!!!!!

"the right to bear bacon"

bacon smores

this is happiness.

all the contestants happy and bacon'd out

matt t, the fearless leader!

this shirt says it all!

plate o' bacon chocolate & maple on a slice of bacon - the guy with the t-shirt up there made these

this waffle pig had a name, but i don't remember


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