calling all foodies… and non-foodies…

23 May

alright people listen up. i think i have a new favorite place. it’s not too far away, and for those of you in suburbia or metro-west, this place is perfect. it’s in newton, not too far off of 128. thanks to the Sis and Bro-in-Law for introducing me to this awesomeness. the place you ask? the biltmore. their website reads, “good times, good friends, cold beer.” they are right on all three accounts. one thing they forgot to add… “GOOD FOOD”. they also have an awesome selection of draft and bottle beers. i have been three times now and i can officially say i am hooked.

1st experience:

hog wings. that’s right i said hog wings. they are bbq pork shanks with carolina bbq sauce and served with a bleu cheese dipping sauce. first, i don’t even like bleu cheese, but this was awesome. second, there were 5 huge hog wings and i could have eaten them all, but i really didn’t want to look like a hog myself. i washed it down with a delerium “termens” strong pale ale from melle, belgium.  and beer advocate gives it an A-… i agree, pretty delicious.

my sister had popcorn shrimp that were on the special menu. they came with a hot sauce and it was the perfect hotness.

when we were here, they were having a beer dinner. they were matching all the dishes with tastes of beers. love the idea and will attend soon! 

2nd experience:

went for brunch. had a great mimoso. for food, i had a pork frittata with roasted potatoes and fruit. other plates on the table were: pigs in a blanket, but not your normal piggies… sausage wrapped in pancakes and served with maple syrup; french toast crunch (with a captain crunch coating); s.s.b.l.t, the most epic of epic blts. not only did we go for brunch, but we went with 11 people including 3 kids. they were as accommodating as could be and did it all with a smile.

3rd experience (most recent):

so there is an item on the menu that has been staring me down the past two times i have been to the biltmore. i said no the past two times, proving to myself that i was strong and awesome… but at last, chicken and waffles won. i gave in to it’s crispy deep fried crunchiness and indulged in it’s sweet belgium-ness with a dip in hot sauce then a dip in maple syrup, i quickly slipped into a realization that i was done for. i couldn’t stop. it all made sense. i will never say no again.

i couldn’t even wait to eat before taking a picture… so that’s half eaten, kinda. this picture doesn’t do it justice.

so i beg you… make the trip. it is sooooo worth it. if you go and need a friend, i’ll be there….

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