new site alert…

18 May

and i think i’m going to love it…

Here’s the About Us:

We love food.

The thing we love most about food? It’s best when it’s shared.

Gilt Taste is an online market giving you direct access to artisan products and ingredients, many of which have only been available to professional chefs until now.

Here you can connect with the farmers and artisans who make and grow the products, discover where food comes from, learn how to prepare it for the best results and buy it with a single click.

Gilt Taste is also an interactive magazine. We’re creating original recipes and thoughtful stories with writers including Ruth Reichl, Francis Lam, Melissa Clark and Barry Estabrook.  There are unique contributions from chefs, photographers, filmmakers and tastemakers. We aim to de-mystify ingredients and food trends, and inspire you with the confidence to discover, shop, cook and taste.

As a part of the Gilt Groupe, our site is built with the same state-of-the-art technology and seamless shopping experience as our sister sites.

This is just the beginning. While we’re in beta, we want to hear what you love about eating and cooking. We’re always searching for something new to discover and add to Gilt Taste.

Food inspired us to build Gilt Taste. We hope you’ll be inspired to taste something new today.

i am pretty sure that i can speak for cdog and myself, when i say we  whole-heartedly agree with this and umm the more i think about it, why isn’t this us? one day. we will be there. conquering our culinary dreams of writing about food, booze and fun full time. it. will. happen.

i am off to dinner with my cousin tonight. she is leaving for amsterdam (or somewhere around those parts) tomorrow for the WHOLE summer. excited for her, sad for me. posted the best wings in new england… and i have a craving for buffalo now… not buffalo the animal, buffalo the flavor!

-kteb out


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