kteb takes seattle

1 May

as you can tell by recent posts, cdog and i tend to eat our way through our vacations. hey, we just want to get a taste of the local cuisines.

well, i recently visited my stud muffin’s brother and family in seattle and the food did not disappoint. here are a few pictures from my visit. (on sunday we went to this amazing buffet that had absolutely everything and anything you could imagine, crab legs, oysters, omelets, fruit, bacon, deserts out the wazoo, pancakes, donuts, salmon, meats, a chocolate fountain… like i said everything. unfortunately, i was too embarrassed to take pictures of that. who knew kteb got embarrassed right? oops.)

pike's market

didn't have these either... well maybe they were on the buffet we attended the next day 🙂

gotta love skrimp. bubble gum shrimp. popcorn shrimp. bbq shrimp.

oysters... yum!

salted praline caramel sundae. can't make these things up. so delicious.

in pike's market. i didn't eat these, but wanted to.

what city have you visited recently where you fell in love with the food?

-kteb out…


One Response to “kteb takes seattle”

  1. princesayasmine May 1, 2011 at 6:11 pm #

    Mmmm…The strawberries and blueberries look lovely.

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