Fatman’s Pizza Post: Pizzeria Presti

15 Apr

Pizzeria Presti
101 Middlesex Turnpike (Staple’s Shopping Center)
Burlington, MA

Dine-In or Take-out: Dine-in.

What I Had: One slice of regular, one slice of pepperoni, 20oz. bottle of Barq’s root beer.

What It Cost: $5.71.

Crust: Excellent. What New Yorker’s would expect from their regular slices.

Sauce: Mediocre. A bit on the watery side, but not necessarily uncommon, even in The Big Apple.

Cheese: The star of the show, if you like cheesy pizza. Not too much to overwhelm the balance, but more than you might typically find elsewhere.

Pepperoni: A whopping 14 pieces! Not sure if this is the norm, but WOW!

Grease Factor: Like the third bowl of porridge…juuusssstttttttt right. Not too much, but enough to leave some stains on the paper plate. Obviously there was more grease on the pepperoni slice.

Bottom (flour or bird seed): Flour.

Location: Just down the road from the Burlington Mall, off of Middlesex Turnpike in the Staple’s shopping center.

Dine-In Seating: Four booths as you walk in, three hi-boys toward the back.

Soda: Coolers only. Both Coke and Pepsi brands.

Parting shot: If you didn’t know you were in Burlington, MA, you could easily envision this place being in a Long Island strip mall. For Bostonians, that is a compliment on the quality of the pizza.

Fatguy to New Yorker’s: Just like the average joint at home. Nothing specific to note, just good, solid pizza. You won’t be disappointed.


One Response to “Fatman’s Pizza Post: Pizzeria Presti”

  1. Fatman April 15, 2011 at 3:27 pm #

    As an addendum of sorts, I had lunch there again today (close to the office) and had a slice of Sicilian. A word of warning, if you have found a favorite place for Sicilian slices, stick with it. I have found it very difficult (in New York as well) to find good Sicilian. Today was no different. But I was fooled. It looked pretty good. And to be fair, the cheese was good and the crust was good…it was what was in between that sucked. Sogginess and crummy sauce made for a very disappointing slice. Thankfully their chicken parm “calzone” (beware New Yorkers…in MA they call what we know as stromboli…calzones. No ricotta, not even close to the same).

    So, for those seking a nice slice of Sicilian, take a pass on Pizzeria Presti and stick with the regular slices.

    And a special shout out to Skinnyman…Hapy Birthday! Enjoy Italy and come back with some great pizza stories!!!

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