Thank you Austin, you did not disappoint

13 Apr

Last week I was lucky enough to escape the quasi-spring Boston weather for the 85 degree, sunny weather of Austin, Texas. Although I was going for a conference aka work, I knew I was going to enjoy myself. After working in the Boston tech industry for the last five years, I knew that Austin had a lot to offer – good live music, good beer, great people, good food. Well let me say this, Austin did not disappoint.

I was staying at the AT&T convention center and hotel right on the University of Texas, Austin campus. I was accosted by the amount of Orange and “Longhorns” everywhere, but I got over it.

I was starving when I arrived and figured there would have to be good food on a college campus. I left the hotel in search of food and came across the UT tower and main campus with the beautiful fountain. Why didn’t I go to school here??

Then something happened, I smelled smoke…not the kind, like “!” but the kind like, “yum BBQ!!!” I followed my nose and came to a shack…literally, I’m not kidding, it was on wheels people!!!

Any food stand that is on wheels, has its own smoker and picnic tables out front, can’t be bad…right?? RIGHT! Welcome to the Sugar Shack. I decided to order the Notorious P.I.G. It consisted of a soft taco with pulled pork and their own BBQ sauce, mustard sauce, pickled jalapenos and cabbage. TO.DIE.FOR. I mean really. This may be one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I’ve ever had. No joke.

So the conference started that night and I knew I needed to be drinking local Austin or at least Texan beer. I settled on Shiner Bock. Not for any reason except that it was from Texas and when I asked the bartender he said it was a good choice. I was again, not disappointed. It was very drinkable but had good flavor. The only problem is now I can’t drink it…damn you Massachusetts!

Shiner Bock inside a cowboy boot koosie...yep

My last meal in Austin was take two at the Sugar Shack on UT campus. And yes, I had the same thing. The Love Muffin thinks I’m so boring because whenever I find something that I like I order it over and over (and over). So what? I like what I like bias!


Moral of the story – next time you’re in Austin, get thee to the Sugar Shack on the UT of Austin campus. Additionally, if you are so inclined to order beer when you’re visiting the local watering hole, please, order a Shiner Bock (and think of me, kthx).

Gracias Amigos!!



One Response to “Thank you Austin, you did not disappoint”

  1. michaelpg (@michaelpg) November 23, 2011 at 9:40 pm #

    Amaze coozie

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