30 Mar

so the other day (sunday) i mentioned multiple times that i was in dire need of a burrito. you may say it is a want, but for me a burrito is a need (not really, that makes me sound ridiculous). i posted it on my facebook and i’m pretty sure i tweeted that shiz. one of my friends so politely suggested that i go buy one. however, no one can eat a burrito alone, or at least i don’t like to. i like to share the burrito eating experience with a friend or loved one. anywhoo – so i didn’t get a burrito and the craving still lives on.

however, i’m pretty sure the local burrito place viva burrito, is stalking my facebook profile. when i arrived home last night, there was a menu from them on my kitchen table. and guess what… they deliver. this may be the next best thing in my life besides reese’s pb cups (and lots of other things, including stud muffin). i mean a burrito place that delivers, what could be better?

so i still have not indulged in this buritto-eating fest. but to know that i have an option and that i can be lazy and sit on my butt and some burrito-god (delivery boy) will ring the buzzer downstairs and  hand me a tin-foil wrapped bundle of joy, makes me smile.

viva burrito!



One Response to “burrito”

  1. Burrito God March 30, 2011 at 1:17 pm #

    This is the Burrito God. Fun fact: in Spanish, “Burro” = donkey and adding “ito” at the end implies being small. So, burrito = small donkey in Spanish and I am apparently the god of them.

    Bow before the god of small donkey’s!

    Fun fact: a donkey is also called an “ass”. By deductive reasoning, I am also the god of small asses.

    Bow before the god of small asses!

    …I have a dizzying intellect…

    and ADD….

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