recipe wednesday- bff’s 4eva

16 Mar

howdy ya’ll,

today, i bring you not the ordinary, typical, what you’d expect from me recipe. however, it’s one that i hold near and dear to my heart and follow exactly. i take it out every once and a while and just read it over one time through to make sure i’m on track.

it’s the recipe of friendship.


1 part you

1 part someone else

2 parts niceness

2 parts honesty

2 parts loyalty

2 parts humor

2 parts trust

2 parts awesomesauce (special ingredient)


take 1 part you and 1 part someone else and place into a room. mix all ingredients vigorously but gently. place in “oven” at 350 degrees and let it bake for a few days. for more solidified friendships let it back for a few years. remove and let it sit and simmer for appropriate amount of time (you’ll know when it’s done.)

and voila, you have a friendship, ready to use at your disposal. the important thing to remember is to not take advantage of this friendship. treat it with respect and give just as much as you receive.


p.s. it’s my first recipe wednesday away from mrs. cdog and i have to say that i am quite saddened by this fact. however, we are still trucking along and this blog will persevere because it’s awesomesauce.

p.p.s HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! don’t forget to wear green, or i will pinch you if i see you, or i will have someone else pinch you… 🙂

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