since we are on the topic…

24 Feb

5 words: mac and cheese food truck. (from slashfood)


If you’ve been dreaming of a food truck that sells only mac-and-cheese dishes, you can wake up now. A Chicago food truck is doing just that. The Southern Mac & Cheese Truck, which rolled out earlier this month, claims to offer two dozen types of macaroni-and-cheese, with the options rotating weekly. Should you happen to be in the Windy City this week, you can choose from these four: Cheddar cheese with grilled Vienna beef franks; pulled chicken, blue-cheese and Buffalo sauce; smoked Gouda, apple and walnuts; and sundried tomatoes with caramelized onions.

The owners of The Southern are behind this concept, bringing a little bit of that eatery’s Southern flair (such as johnnycakes with chow chow and fried green tomatoes) to the food truck, which is out only during lunchtime.

And if you know the food-truck drill, the rule is to watch the Twitter feed to see where the truck pulls in, then drop whatever you’re doing to head to the intersection where it’s parked. Recent locations have run the gamut from the Apple store (the meeting of the Macs, get it?) to Union Station to the River North ‘hood, and the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower, if you haven’t been to Chicago in a while).

oh and how much do you dig the new design?

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