it’s that time of year… SUPER BOWL SUNDAY IS NEAR!

2 Feb

do you like that? it rhymed. so this post is a first of its kind. kteb and cdog are blogging together in one post. this post is one of a kind because we are talking super bowl awesomeness and party food. we are going to show you a little piece of what we think heaven is like.

i like finger foods and i like to snack. so a super bowl party is like my dream come true. so here are a few of my favorite finger foods/snack foods/super bowl foods that i love/crave:

1. chips and dip. this can vary. i like ruffles with french onion dip. and i don’t care if it’s the packet kind of french onion dip or fancy schmancy homemade shiz. i just like dip. i also like chips and salsa.

2. buffalo chicken dip. my roommate makes one mean pot of buffalo chicken dip and i am hoping to be able recreate her genius this sunday. we shall see. (i think the recipe is like such…)

3. pigs in a blanket. i really don’t think i have to say anything about this. they are little nubs of awesome wrapped in bread. i mean come on.

sorry... these little bundles of joy are more like it.

oh...wrong kind of pigs in a blanket..

4. buffalo wings. i have discussed this recently. please visit to find out why i like wings.

5. now for dessert. not everyone loves dessert after stuffing themselves full of the joys above and below? i don’t believe it. so here. try these cream cheese squares on for size.

so those are my snackaroos that i love so… on to cdog’s deliciousness picks because i know they are….

Okay so I must say this first…THE GREEN BAY PACKERS ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Folks, growing up in Wisconsin this is like bigger than any sporting event ever – recognize. This year we’re having a small shindig to celebrate the best team in the NFL – the Green Bay Packers!

And without futher ado here are the dishes that I cannot live without on Super Bowl Sunday.

1. Chili – here’s the thing. I don’t really care what kind of chili it is, but if I can eat it with a chip I want it. This year we’re making a pulled chicken chili. Usually I use a modified version of a Bush’s bean recipe.

2. Pizza – this might be sort of cliche but what is a party without pizza? I could eat pizza every day for every meal and never grow tired of it. For the Super Bowl I think a supreme might be in order. (A little secret, I die for Pizza Hut supreme pizza)

THIS is what taco dip looks like

3. Taco dip – now some of you may think oh yea, I love 7 layer dip. I have a news flash for you. 7 layer dip is 7 layer dip, not taco dip. Taco dip consists of 1 packet of taco seasoning, cream cheese and sour cream (maybe mayo depending on the recipe). Top with shredded cheese, diced tomato, lettuce and sliced olives – voila!

4. Cookies!! More importantly chocolate chip cookies. Desserts are something that often get ignored at Super Bowl parties but with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter and all the salty snacks are gone…tell me, what are you reaching for? Yea, that’s right…the lonely chocolate chip cookies.

5. And last but not least…you didn’t think I could write about my Packers and the Super Bowl without mentioning my first love of beer…MILLER LITE! Yep you read that right. My Super Bowl would not be complete without Miller Lite.

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