come fly with me…

18 Jan

now for the post you’ve all been waiting for, er, i’ve been waiting for. i’ve been wanting to blog about buffalo wings since we started this bia and well it just hasn’t happened yet, but now is the time. but before that, i decided that you guys needed an updated photo of cdog and kteb… it’s been a while, i know. 

ok, so now here it goes… i like buffalo wings plain and simple. i like them in all shapes, forms and flavors. i prefer them hot, and i prefer them with the bone.  i come from a place where there are many choices for buffalo wings. when i migrated north, apparently the wings did not come with me. it is hard to find a good ole buffalo wing here.

good wings don’t just happen. it’s a fine art, i would say. so here is what i look for in a good buffalo wing:

first, it has to be meaty. second, it has to be doused in sauce. third, it has to be good. the first two make the third happen. the sauce has to be a nice blend of hot and spicy to make it awesomesauce. and i don’t like a crunchy buffalo wing, i like my teeth to sink into the white meat.

here are my top 5 buffalo wing spots:

1. wild hare cafe in columbia, sc – i frequented this place in college bc every tuesday they had $.25 wing night AND dollar beers. so what i liked about the wings here was that they were always covered in sauce. the medium sauce was hot and the hot sauce burned. they were always meaty. it’s not every day you get a meaty wing for 25 cents. (it saddens me that they don’t have a real website, but you can see what people have to say on yelp.)

2. vella’s restaurant in columbia, sc- guess what… this place also had a wing night and beer specials. heaven! vella’s wings were the perfect blend of what i mentioned above. they were just spicy enough to put a tingle on my lips and just awesomesauce enough to be incredible.

3. d’s wings in columbia, sc – yes there is a theme here. yes i ate a lot of wings in college. best thing about this place, it was next to a bowling alley. wings and bowling and beer = friday night.

4. the warren tavern in charlestown, ma– surprisingly good wings. it’s around the corner from my apartment. i don’t eat wings like i used to, but when i get the craving, this is where i head. they are hot. and i like it. and it’s the oldest tavern in massachusetts. paul revere made a pit stop here on his famous ride (that’s not true).

5. to be decided. there are a few places in boston that i know i need to try out. especially, buff’s pub in newton, ma. i just haven’t had the chance to make it there. they get four whole stars on yelp, and their wings are “famous” so they have to be good. ALSO, i am open to suggestions. i would love for you to tell me a place where i HAVE to try their wings. i will go. i will eat the wings. and i will possibly do live video review from that place. so bring it on.

ok. now im hungry for wings.


p.s. i would be beat up if i didn’t say it, but my friend chris makes some mean buffalo wings. and by mean i do say they are awesomesauce.

6 Responses to “come fly with me…”

  1. cdog January 18, 2011 at 9:52 am #

    Kteb – one place that you left off of the list that you have to try is in Framingham – The Chicken Bone. I became addicted to TCB when they opened up a place in the Fens. It has since gone under, but they have a great tangy sauce and to die for sweet potato fries.

    Additionally, the hilarity of this blog has brightened my day and for that I thank you.

  2. Love Muffin January 18, 2011 at 12:01 pm #

    “i like them in all shapes, forms and flavors. i prefer them hot, and i prefer them with the bone.” – kteb
    … She mentioned that.
    “first, it has to be meaty. second, it has to be doused in sauce. third, it has to be good.” – kteb
    …She mentioned that.

    “i like my teeth to sink into the white meat.” – kteb
    …She mentioned that.

    “and the hot sauce burned.” – kteb
    …you get the idea.

    Thanks for brightening my day and giving me an incredible urge for “chicken wings.” I’m not sure what that means.

  3. D January 20, 2011 at 7:49 am #

    I have no comment on this. None.


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