Thank you 62 Restaurant and Wine Bar

30 Dec

So as some of you may remember, the Love Muffin and I have been dining at our favorite restaurant, 62 Restaurant and Wine Bar, in Salem, MA during their Passport Series. If you don’t feel like reading about what the passport series was, let me sum it up for you. The restaurant debuted cuisine from three different countries over three months. Diners that ate at the restaurant during each country received a stamp in their passport. At the end of the series, diners that had three stamps were entered to win a free vacation to Italy, which included a three night stay and a cooking class.

The Love Muffin and I happily ate our way through Spain, Italy & Italy (ok so we missed France because the week we went was also Salem Restaurant week). The food was delicious each time and the service was unbeatable (as always). Last night 62 held the drawing for the winner of the European vacation. The restaurant had a cash bar and free appetizers (hello arancini!). The time came for them to announce the winner and Chef Tony came out of the kitchen with the envelope.

Here is the play by play:

Chef Tony: I have the envelope. I don’t know who’s name is in here. (Opening the envelope). The winner is…


We didn’t jump up and down or cry or scream, I think it was because we were both completely stunned. Truth be told, I was imagining myself winning the entire day – you know it was one of those mind tricks that coaches tell their quarterbacks (or something like that) in the big game. But I didn’t really think we’d win. Of course we hoped we would but neither of us are the big winners in life with stuff like this. I’m sure our trip will be one for the record books and I’ll do my best to blog about our experiences.

Here’s where we’re staying: – Be jealous!

A big thanks to 62 Restaurant for hosting this contest. It’s not every day that you get rewarded (handsomely) for eating at one of your favorite restaurants. I’ll post pictures from last night later. And I have to say it one more time, go to 62 Restaurant and Wine Bar. They have amazing food, a great wine (and beer!) list and wonderful service. And most of all, they truly care about their customers.


Here are a few pics from last night!

In shock accepting the giant winning ticket

In shock accepting the giant winning ticket

Chef Antonio Bettencourt, Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll, Colony Travel Staff Member, me & the Love Muffin

Beyond excited!


4 Responses to “Thank you 62 Restaurant and Wine Bar”

  1. Kristen December 30, 2010 at 3:25 pm #

    AWESOME!!! Congratulations! I am sooo jealous!

  2. kteb December 30, 2010 at 3:33 pm #

    not jealous at all. your fellow blogger congratulates you.

  3. Kathy December 30, 2010 at 9:12 pm #

    Congrats, what an awesome prize. I know you’ll have a great time eating your way across Italy.


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