recipe of awesome from stone fox farm creamery – recipe wednesday.

17 Nov

ok. so i know i mentioned this a week or so ago… well, it has happened. the amazing ice cream gods have descended upon me and blessed me with something that is oh so amazing and lovely! what is this magical ice cream i speak of?

it’s home-made by my roommates family in the good ole state of maine – stone fox farm creamery.  it’s peanut buttery and chocolate chippity and awesome! i seriously can’t get enough of this fantastic almost medicinal concoction of perfection. it’s the best peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream i have ever tasted. and for those that know me, i love pb cc ice cream or well anything pb and chocolate for that matter.

this is my roommates dad, below making awesomeness… so they go to farmer’s markets and sell their ice cream there. you can follow them on the twitter box @MobileCone -for updates on where they will be next with their deliciousness.

hope he doesn't mind the fame of this picture being posted on our blog...

i’m so lucky to have such awesomeness in my freezer right now. i think we have about 10 pints of ice cream in there and each one is as good as the next. there  was pumpkin in october (we know how i feel about that), there is dulce de leche that i am excited to try, there is rum raisin and pina colada, and for the holidays chocolate peppermint and salted caramel! i mean come on people, i’m salivating right now thinking about this.

friend em on facebook and if you live in maine, check them out where ever they might be next and tell him kteb sent you. they might not know who the hell you’re talking about, but good luck. my name and fame should be up to canada, i mean maine by now!

i love ice cream,

p.s. i love ice cream (and beer) proof…

best friends.

p.s.s. i miss old school ice cream trucks like this…



One Response to “recipe of awesome from stone fox farm creamery – recipe wednesday.”

  1. Kathy November 17, 2010 at 4:27 pm #

    Thanks, Katie for the great review of our ice cream. We love making it almost as much as we love hearing how much people enjoy eating it. It’s funny that you mention beer and ice cream because we have been making a private label, stout flavored ice cream for a local brewery here in Maine. It’s called Half Moon Stout and there’s a variation which has a chocolate swirl called Black & Tan. We’re taking part in a tasting there (Winterport Winery) this weekend.

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