k.o. prime is where it’s at…

26 Oct

this is my review on yelp about my recent dining experience at k.o. prime in boston. but i have been so impressed with my experience as a customer at k.o. prime, i had to share with a broader audience…

i took my bo-friend here for his bday and let me tell you, it was a great experience. i booked a reso on http://opentable.com and entered a little note to the concierge and told them it was my honey’s bday and that he really wanted a steak so we chose this place.

we enjoyed a cocktail in the lounge while we waited for our table. we were a bit early due to a cab driver who apparently thinks he is a race car driver. we then made our way to a comfy cozy corner table and had a nice view of the cemetary across the street :). it was actually fun to watch all the people walk by, including benjamin franklin who we watched use his iphone.

we had a nice sampling from the chef of their butternut squash soup and i really wanted to ask them for that as my meal instead, it was so good. it has inspired me to try and make my own butternut squash soup (this should be interesting).

dinner came and then it was gone – so yum! he got the hanger steak, asparagus and potato au gratin. he said it was amazing! i ordered the roasted chicken and it was served over spaghetti squash and came with a side of potato-ish thing. it was all delicious. i was upset i couldn’t eat it all.

then we had dessert – which came with a candle for my sweetie and a $20 gift card for the next time we go. the card was signed by the waitstaff. i was impressed.

great service. great food. ambiance and decor was awesome. and we look forward to another great date there sometime soon.

follow-up- i filled out a survey from opentable just explaining what a great time we had and how everything was perfect and also shared it with the restaurant. well the general manager emailed me today and said, “thank you so much for sharing your experience. next time you are here, introduce yourself. i would love to meet both of you.” i am so floored by the extra step k.o. has taken to make this such a great experience.


One Response to “k.o. prime is where it’s at…”

  1. c myers October 26, 2010 at 9:08 pm #

    The next time I come to Boston…I am going there

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