If you want a grilled cheese, get thee to South Station?

26 Oct

Yep, you read that right. According to Boston.com a new grilled cheese stand has opened up at our favorite train station. CHEESEBOY opened its first location in South Station and have yet to disappoint diners on the go – they bill themselves as,

“bringing good old-fashioned, delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and soups to the places you need it most”




I have to say at first glance, their menu sounds simply amazing – with the focus on simply. Restaurants that create only a few dishes, in my opinion, have been known to do them amazingly well, otherwise they wouldn’t be in business, right?? Nothing on their basic menu is over $3.79 – genius! Toppings like meat are an extra $.99 and veggies are an extra $.49 but that’s only if you create your own sandwich. Hello affordable!!!

I love getting grilled cheese sandwiches when I’m at diner-like restaurants, but according to NPD Group, a market research group from Rosemont, Ill, grilled cheese consumption at restaurants has gone down 11% in the last year. Gee, I wonder why…at over $6 a meal I could make like 10 of those at home. That’s where CHEESEBOY is getting it right – price. Perfectly priced for the on-the-go commuter or traveler.




Now all I have to do is get myself to South Station…all aboard the cheese train!!!



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