Chipotle Announces Bizarre Halloween Costume Contest

8 Oct

looks like you’ll be seeing cdog and me dressed up like a bigmac and large fry walking into chipotle soon…

Thinking about dressing up as Cheese Whiz for Halloween? Then you’ll want to stop by Chipotle for a $2 burrito before you head out trick-or-treating.

Or make that a “Boorito.” In its latest costume contest, Chipotle is encouraging you to dress up as the “most horrifying processed-food product” you can think of, or you can take one of their suggestions: chicken nuggets, canned pasta, frozen pizzas, hot dogs or lunch meats. (Good luck finding a bologna costume at your local costume shop.)

And what do you get for dressing up like a weenie? Essentially, about $4 off any Chipotle menu item.

Is it worth it? Maybe you can’t put a price on a social conscience. The contest is ostensibly about highlighting the “horrors of processed foods,” which, according to the chain’s website, “fail to provide key nutrients that are important to overall nutrition and, along with excessive portion sizes, are often related to the increased incidence of obesity and diabetes in America.”

It’s no coincidence that Chipotle bills its “food with integrity” as the healthier antidote to ordinary fast food.

Lame PR stunt or goodwill gesture? It’s hard to tell, but the company is donating up to $1 million of proceeds from the contest to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. And if you take your picture in costume at your local Chipotle and post it on the company’s website, you’ll be registered to win up to $2,500. Not so cheesy, after all.

That should more than cover the cost of dry cleaning your Chicken McNugget ensemble.

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