learn from the master

24 Sep

[update 9/26/10 11:02 pm] cupcakes turned out delicious. i mean duh. how could they not? (very easily, that’s why i had to confirm they in fact, did not)

so funny story… i decided i was going to make cupcakes for cdog’s get together this evening. i went to the store, got everything i needed, and brought them back to my humble abode (or sometimes sketch apartment). a few days later, i went to make the cupcakes and OH NOES, i forgot to buy the cupcake mix. (i am hearing all you laugh or rolling your eyes and calling me an idiot) so what did kteb do in this situation? kteb improvised and dominated the kitchen with her culinary mastery – google helped a little by finding me a bomb-ass recipe to make cupcakes from scrizatch (that’s scratch for those of you who don’t know my lingo). anywhoo… i whipped up some deliciousness, put it in some foils, put em in the oven and watched awesomesness happen.


and i got the most awesomest thing at target to carry said and pictured cupcakes!! check it

unlike katy perry’s cupcakes (her tatas), my cupcakes would be eagerly accepted not rejected from sesame street!

and that’s how awesomesauce is made….


One Response to “learn from the master”

  1. DtotheF September 25, 2010 at 5:02 am #

    Next time, just call Mrs. Dennisf and she’ll have 3 dozen triple dope cupcakes in your hands in 2 hours. Done and done. Eat it!

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