Can I Basque You a Question?

23 Sep

So this week the Love Muffin took me to dinner at one of our most favorite restaurants in Salem, MA – 62 Restaurant & Wine Bar in Pickering Wharf. We have grown to love this place because of two words…rice balls, yes that’s the crude English way to say the most amazing appetizer ever…Arancini. But that is neither here nor there.

62 started this wonderful program this month called their Passport Series. Here’s the gist, during September, October and November the restaurant is featuring a pre fix menu ($28 for three courses) for three different countries. Each week they feature a different region within the country. If you visit during all three months you’re automatically entered to win a trip to one of the three countries. Get it? Got it? Good.

During the month of September they are featuring cuisine from Spain and this week the menu was from the Basque region.

Map of the Basque Region

The cuisine was really unique, almost like you get the best from Italy, Spain and France all in one meal. Our meals were both full of flavor. To start I had salt cod stuffed piquillo peppers – definitely a unique flavor. Love Muffin had a stew of chorizo and mussels – it had overwhelming flavors (not in a bad way though, I had to stop him from licking the plate). We both had fish as our main course, Cod and Mediterranean Sea Bass – both done perfectly with amazing sauces and accompaniments.

Every time we go to 62 I say that Chef Tony outdoes himself…well he did it again. And will we be back…come on you know I made reservations for both October and November. If you want to make reservations or stay up to date on what this amazing restaurant is up to check out their Facebook page. Okay, okay enough of the PR girl in me. Get your butt to this place!!!



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    […] on December 30, 2010 by ktebcdog So as some of you may remember, the Love Muffin and I have been dining at our favorite restaurant, 62 Restaurant and Wine Bar, in Salem, MA during their Passport Series. […]

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