oh Wisconsin how I love thee (part II)

20 Sep

On Wisconsin! On Wisconsin! Grand old Badger State! Yes, it is a fact that you have to learn the whole state song in 4th grade. My true appreciation for the Badger State never really manifested until I left home for college. Now that I’ve grown and matured I can really appreciate the state that made me who I am.

I’ve talked before on this blog about the amazing beer that comes from Stevens Point – aka the town where I was born. This summer I had the opportunity to tour the Stevens Point Brewery with my parents and the Love Muffin.

Stevens Point Brewery

Stevens Point Brewery

The tour was great. They took us through all the different departments within the brewery. You start climbing up the steps past the grain silo into the brew house. The malt bin is original in the brewery dating back to the  late 1800s.

Original Malt Bin

Original Malt Bin

Old School Grain Scale

Old School Grain Scale

As you continue winding through the brewery you’re essentially taken through the brewing process. After the brew house we were taken to the chilling room which held a ridiculous amount of tanks. It was also super cold in the room. There was where all of the beer rested before it was bottled, kegged or canned. You literally run into a wall of beer…

Wall of beer...no joke

Wall of beer...no joke

After you’ve been taken through the bottling line you end up at the tasting room. This tasting room has a number of taps, a popcorn machine and big round tables. The large bar is big enough for the entire group to crowd around and basically you can drink until the bottles are gone.

The Love Muffin & me enjoying Point Beer

The Love Muffin & me enjoying Point Beer

Outside of the tasting room they have three walls full of old beer memorabilia and some bottling memorabilia – like old Orange Crush bottles and Coke bottles. And yes, we were still tasting as we were educating ourselves and by ‘we’, I mean me.

When you're outta Point, you're outta town!

So what? I had a good time…obvi. It was so great getting to visit the brewery that turned Stevens Point into a town. You know me, I can’t recommend enough, to visit your LOCAL breweries. We’re so lucky in the Boston area to have so many. That’s it…enough talking…go visit a local brewery – you won’t be disappointed.

Support Your Local Brewery



2 Responses to “oh Wisconsin how I love thee (part II)”

  1. Love Muffin September 22, 2010 at 9:26 am #

    All of the beer I tried at Point Brewery was excellent! They are doing a good thing in the center of the Badger State. If you find yourself near there, pick up a case.


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