these are a few of my favorite things (right now)

7 Sep

when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when i’m feeling sad, i simply blog about my favorite things, then i don’t feel sooooo bad….

sour patch kids. i had a craving this weekend. so i went to target and among other things, i purchased these delicious little creatures. i love them. they really are sour then sweet, just like the commercials.  those jerks like to punch the crap out of my mouth causing incredible canker sours that last for just the right amount of time to make me forget how bad it is, then i go back for more and have the little bastards punch me again. (i’m like a cat, i don’t really learn from mistakes) but damn, are they good. i have a bag in my desk right now, don’t judge, and they will stay there until they learn how to behave themselves.

BBQ- is and will always be a like of mine. ok, ok, a love of mine. geez- get off my back. i love bbq. i love everything about it. when i say bbq, i am talking southern-ified pulled pork with the badass ketchup-vinegar-based awesomesauce that makes my mouth shout with joy. i didn’t get that this weekend, but i got some bbq that made my mouth joyful. the bro-in-law and i won when we suggested bbq for lunch, much to other’s chagrin. however, after it all was said and done (or eaten in this case), everyone had a fantabulous meal and we left uncomfortably full and happy. my kind of lunch. bbq is also a love/like of FATMAN

sunchips – because the new bag is ridiculously loud and i love that everyone in the office knows when i bust into the bag. who cares, judge me as you will.

target -yeah i know it’s not food. but they have food and that’s where i got my sour patch kids. but i love this place and everything in it – except for the parents that don’t know how to discipline their children and i can hear a little rascal from the opposite side of the building screaming. they get closer and closer and bam, they run into you with a shopping cart or something. maybe the sour patch kids and the real kids are in on it together.

smores – i went to lake ossippee this weekend and stayed at my aunt’s camp ground. it’s luxurious camping, i was not in a tent. anywho, we wanted a smore, but it was too late to start a fire, so we did it the only other way i know how, in the microwave, without the neatest contraption that MamaBoucher got for me. and who woulda thunk – it actually worked.

so these are my likes for the day.

oh and i like you for reading this.

-kteb, over and out


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