We Make S’mores at Work, nbd

2 Sep

Yes, you read that right. This afternoon Kteb and I made S’mores in the office. And before you go thinking that we started a fire between our cubes, think again. Courtesy of Kteb’s Mom we have a handy dandy S’mores maker that goes in the microwave.

Kteb w/Her Smores Maker

Yes, we’ve heard the complaints, “It’s not the same, there’s no campfire taste,” or the common, “The marshmallow doesn’t melt like it does in a fire.” You know what we say,

“Yea, no kidding, we’re making them in the MICROWAVE!”

Although there is no charred marshmallow, these s’mores are thisclose to being just as good as the real thing. The thing that makes them possibly a little bit better than the real thing…we make them in the OFFICE. In the office, people! Who wouldn’t want a S’more as an afternoon snack?

S'more-y goodness

S’more ya later!

~cdog & kteb


One Response to “We Make S’mores at Work, nbd”


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    […] but it was too late to start a fire, so we did it the only other way i know how, in the microwave, without the neatest contraption that MamaBoucher got for me. and who woulda thunk – it actually […]

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