uh a workout post?

30 Aug

so i know this is a food blog and i shouldn’t be talking about working out, but i need to justify how i eat all this food and stay healthy-ish… and because i find this semi-humorous.

on saturday, i made my way to amesbury sports park to run a 5k obstacle course and let me tell you what, it was a blast. how, you may ask? well, it was 12 obstacles along a 3.1 miles… it was pretty much insanity, NO THIS IS SPARTA! really it was the spartan race (www.spartanrace.com).

kate and me before...

it was fun. it really was. then i got to a wall that was at an incline with ropes that you had to climb over. however, they were dousing it with freaking dishing washing detergent and well let’s just say it was slippery. and let’s just say that kteb didn’t quite make it over…

here is me already looking defeated (oh, there was mud that we had to crawl through under barbed-wire before this). oh and that guy in the red shirt is the guy spraying it down with the dish washing detergent. he was smiling the whole time, jackass.

here is the aftermath…. this is why it’s funny… they look a lot worse without the band aids but i have to leave them on so the booboos can get better :). i literally got all the way up the wall and had no upper body strength left and slid all the way down on my knees. all i heard was the sound of my skin peeling off and the people behind me in a chorus of ooos and aaaahhhs. and after two other failed attempts, well, it was 20 push ups for me in order to go around this obstacle.

but seriously it was one of the most fun races/tests i’ve done. there is another one coming up in october and we are thinking about doing that one too! rugged maniac for all those other crazies out there… http://www.ruggedmaniac.com/events.html

my favorite part of this were the super heroes that ran the whole thing… in costume and came back with all of their accessories… pretty impressive when people were losing shoes in the mud…

and then we had a beer. does that count as a food blog?



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