oh Wisconsin how I love thee (part I)

9 Aug

So our poor blog has been ignored over the last month or so. Why you ask? Well, Kteb and I have been super busy traveling for work and fun. My adventures started over the Fourth of July with a trip back to the Motherland…Wisco. This post is dedicated to that wonderful trip and all of the food, cheese and beer goodness that it produced.

Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese – anyone that knows me really well, knows that I die for cheese. You name it and I’ll try it and most likely love it. One of the first things I do every time I go home is visit this great grocery store – Brennan’s Market. Brennan’s isn’t like every other grocery store in our fair country – it’s BETTER!

Cheese Isle #1

It’s hard to describe everything good about Brennan’s but I’ll start:

1. Cheese – they have amazing cheese from all over Wisconsin. Practically every kind you could think of – cheddar, gouda, swiss, emmentaler, various farmers cheeses, goat cheese, fresh mozzarella and amazing cheese spreads.

Cheddar! Woohoo!

Oh don't you worry, just the world's best cheese here

2. More wine!!! (that’s what my great aunt always used to say anyway) And at Brennan’s you’ll get your choice of wines and beer. They often have beer and wine tastings and we were lucky enough to come across one the day we went. Most of the wines from Wisconsin aren’t your shi shi grape wines, they’re hearty fruit wines. Since the growing season for grapes is so short – you end up with more fruit wines rather than grape. I wasn’t a huge fan but some of the ones we tried that day were awesome.


There's the Love Muffin...always willing to partake in a wine or beer tasting

Beer me! Just a portion of Brennan's huge selection.

And lastly, but surely not least…

3. Gourmet mustard – The market famously pairs all kinds of cheeses and Wisconsin style summer sausage. If you’ve never tried it, mustard is all kinds of amazing with cheese. It just depends on the style. They have this great cranberry mustard which is my all time favorite with their gouda.

Mustard? Why yes, thank you!

And this is just the beginning…Wisconsin gets even better…


2 Responses to “oh Wisconsin how I love thee (part I)”

  1. kteb August 9, 2010 at 9:24 pm #

    cheese whiz that was a great blog… i can’t wait for more awesomesauce from wisco…

  2. Paulie August 11, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    The thing that makes Brennan’s great is that they have about half the store available for you to taste. It is a fatman’s paradise. We normally go for brunch. Seriously, we walk in the front door and nosh our way from fruit, to chips and salsa, to cheese and back again like a locust plague. But it works because we always buy about $40 worth of food. And their craft beer selection is pretty awesome too and they let you build your own six pack. If you are ever near a Brennan’s, GO!

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