oh bloggy-

23 Jul

you’ve been so neglected these past few weeks. greg sabey (yep, calling him out by name) was supposed to step in as our guestblogger for frizday and someone (greg) fell through and left us with nothing. he left our blog with nothing, just standing in the pouring rain without clothes on crying – or at least that’s what the blog told me.

this week, however, has been cdog’s and my fault… well not fault really, but just the way of the world. it was the most hectic week i can remember in a long time. so next week, i can’t promise our blog will get the love it needs, but i can promise we will try – and at the least, guestblogfrizday will in fact occur. (so if you want to submit something, send it on in… except for greg, he’s not allowed anymore. unless it’s super good and funny. requirements – i must laugh at least 5 times out loud for it to be posted).

well cheerio – have a good weekend. i’m headed to cape cod to enjoy some beach and food… oh maybe, i’ll blog about it while i’m there. i’m sure it will be blog-worthy awesomesauce.


One Response to “oh bloggy-”

  1. The Brother In-Law August 4, 2010 at 7:13 pm #

    I like this blog but there isn’t much content. The Summer must be pretty good for Kteb and Cdog.

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