childhood awesomeness from kteb&cdog – join in!

14 Jul

so i was laying in bed last night (calm down) and i was having trouble falling asleep so i started talking to myself. it happens more than you would think. so i said something like, “hunny bunny” and i was like holy crap, HONEY BUNS! you know what i’m talking about. the sweet deliciousness that little debbie so happily provided you with. oh that little debbie. i can remember opening my lunch bag and seeing the zebra cakes, fudge rounds or swiss cake rolls and thinking, this is the best part of my day! something was (is) wrong with me.

have any of you had that feeling when you remember something about your childhood and completely geek out about it?

with little debbie thoughts, i drifted fast asleep… only to have a nightmare later about bugs crawling all over me. gross.

-kteb out.


yes please

nom nom

As per usual KTEB and I talk all day…literally. When she sent me the draft of this blog I immediately thought back to my school lunches and the one thing that I was ALWAYS excited about when I opened my bag…Fruit Roll-Ups!

Fruit Roll-Ups - yeeeah buddy!

Who doesn’t love the deliciousness of the different flavors, strawberry, blue raspberry, green, yellow and let’s not even get started on the shapes. How much fun was that at lunch trading shapes? And let’s not forget wrapping it around your finger like it was a Lee Press on Nail – don’t even pretend you didn’t do it. Man, I think I need to get to the grocery store.


2 Responses to “childhood awesomeness from kteb&cdog – join in!”

  1. DtotheF July 14, 2010 at 6:54 pm #

    How can you leave out Chocodiles? What’s better than a chocolate-covered Twinkie? That’s right. Nothing. Get some!

  2. michaelpg (@michaelpg) November 23, 2011 at 9:17 pm #

    What about the Christmas tree cakes?????? That little Debbie!! Such a good baker!!

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