good. and. bad.

1 Jul

things that look appealing to me (make me salivate like pavlov’s dogs. there is a bar in columbia, sc called pavlov’s and it was the frattiest place i have ever been to in my entire life. that made me vom a little, but the below do not make me want to do that. quite the opposite actually)… all these pictures/stories are from slashfood. probably the best food site out there, other than this blog of course…

grilled cheese

add bacon and im done.

corn on the cob (see pic below) – grilled corn-on-the-cob is Mexican street food the way street food should be. after it hits the grill, the roasted corn is slathered with a creamy blend of mayo, chile, and white, salty cotija cheese and the juice of a fresh lime.

kteb's sister says you can get this at TORO in the south end, boston. yes please

bbq ribs. i miss the south simply because of the bbqawesomesauce that it offers.

no explanation necessary. other than yum. and please.

things that do not look appealing to me… (make me want to vom a little)…

salmon flavored vodka. ew.

who thought of this? i will hunt them down and shoot them. salmon should not be offered in liquid form. DIS-GUS-TING.

kfc double down with a bun?

no. the whole point of this, was no bun. extra chicken. fail.

rainbow bacon?

two words. hell. no. don't mess with my bacon. bacon is bacon. not rainbow and unicorns.

ok. that’s all i got.

-kteb out.

5 Responses to “good. and. bad.”

  1. t0futim July 1, 2010 at 6:55 pm #

    I’ve got two words for you. Clamato Juice. It’s an aberration, a crime against flavor. Plus it just sounds nasty.

  2. Vixations July 1, 2010 at 9:12 pm #


    Have you been to Cafe Habana in NYC? They just opened one in Malibu. I’ve already been there twice, and gotten 2 orders of the grilled corn each time. IT’S THE BEST THING EVER!!!

    • kteb July 1, 2010 at 11:42 pm #

      i haven’t been there before. but it sounds like i’m going to make a trip to NYC or MIAMI to try it. (or there apparently are a few places around here that i could try) but i’d really like to take a road trip to eat some corn. that would be a good story.

  3. Caitlin July 1, 2010 at 9:26 pm #

    you can also get mexican corn on the cob at dorado tacos and cemitas. we should goooooo!

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