food for thought — see what i did there?

18 Jun

so this isn’t about a particular food, but about our reader’s love of food. think about this… every friday we are going to feature a guest blog. we shall name it, guest blog friday… gbf for short?

would you be interested in reading others posts? i have a feeling that you guys have a darn good sense of humor and can contribute to the awesomesauce recipe.

picture it now… you like a certain special something, whether it’s a snack item, a great recipe you would like to boast and share, a food item that you can’t get out of your head ( i know how it is, it happens to me daily. currently, i can’t stop thinking about sushi.). we want you to submit something with humor involved because, after all, this is a comedy food blog.

so jot it down, get your creative awesomesauce juices flowing, send it here ktebcdog (at) gmail dot com. we’ll read it, if we chuckle, it’ll get posted. if we don’t it will still get posted. but make it funny because we like to laugh. a lot. i’m laughing right now. as i type. about laughing. send us your gb and we’ll post it on a friday.

holllllllerrrrrrr –

kteb & cdog


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